• 40 Watt 12v Solar Panel Poly - Pickup
40W Solar Panel
12V Polycrystaline

Top One Solar Brand
12v, polycrystalline silicon
Aluminium frame
Tempered glass


Maximum Power                                      40W
Open Circuit Voltage (Voc)                       22V 

Short Circuit Current (lsc)                        2.58A 

Maximum Power Voltage                           17.5V 

Maximum Power current(lmp)                 2.29A

Cell Efficiency  17.5%

Working Temperature               -40C to +85C 

Tolerance                                                +-3% 

Dimensions                  670*450*25 mm

Weight                                                       4.3 KG

                 Connection Lead Length                  700mm (4mm2 cable)

Connection type                                          MC4


10 year replacement warranty.

25 year power warranty - 80% power after 25 years


Please note: appearance of cells on the front of the panel can vary

from shipment to shipment. If you need the panel to look exactly like

the picture (dimensions will always be the same) please let us know.

Pick up is available at Preston, Melbourne 10-5:30 PM Monday to Friday. 

Large orders by appointment.

40 Watt 12v Solar Panel Poly - Pickup

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