• 120 Watt 12v  Solar Panel Monocrystalline - Pickup


120W High efficiency Cells
Solar Panel 



The cutting edge of 
Clean Energy at an 
unbeatable price.  

30 Day money back guarantee

Top One Solar Brand
12v, monocrystalline silicon
Aluminium frame
Tempered glass

Maximum Power                                     120W
Open Circuit (Voc)                                  22.04V 

Short Circuit (lsc)                                    7.16A 

Maximum Power Voltage                        17.6V 

Maximum Power current(lmp)                6.85A 

Working Temperature                             -40C to +85C 

Tolerance                                               +-3% 

Dimensions                                             1072*808*35mm Weight 12KG

Connection type                                      MC4

Cell Efficiency 17.3%

Tempered Glass                                      3.2m


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120 Watt 12v Solar Panel Monocrystalline - Pickup

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