• 80 Watt 12v Solar Panel Poly - Pickup


80W Brand New 6" High efficiency Cells
Solar Panel 

Pickup Only

The cutting edge of 
Clean Energy at an 
unbeatable price.   
30 Day money back guarantee 
Top One Solar Brand
12v, polycrystalline silicon
Aluminium frame
Tempered glass

156mm x 156mm Cell Dimensions

Maximum Power                                     80W
Open Circuit (Voc)                                  22.3V 

Short Circuit (lsc)                                    4.8A 

Maximum Power Voltage                        19.3V 

Maximum Power current(lmp)                4.44A 

Working Temperature                             -40C to +85C 

Tolerance                                               +-3% 

Dimensions                                             936*670*35mm Weight 7.5KG

Connection type                                      MC4

Tempered Glass                                      3.2m

Temperature Coefficients of Isc (%)°C  +0.1

Temperature Coefficients of Voc (%)°C -0.38

Temperature Coefficients of Pm (%)°C  -0.47

10 year replacement warranty.

25 Year Power Warranty:

90% After 10 years

80% After 25 years


Pick up is available at Preston, Melbourne 10-5pm Monday to Friday. Large orders can be by appointment. 

This size panel we can not ship to a P.O. Box.               

RV's, mobile homes, people on the road etc (unless you have a fixed street address) we suggest you nominate a local TNT freight depot or agent to have your panels shipped to, or a caravan park, hotel/motel, service station etc.

We must have a phone number supplied so carrier can get in contact with you. 

Panels are made in China to our specifications and imported by Low Energy Developments Pty. Ltd.

80 Watt 12v Solar Panel Poly - Pickup

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