• 10 Watt 12V Solar Panel and 2 amp Regulator 5m cable


►A Grade Cells◄


*NOTE This item does not come with USB

No more Flat batteries,  Ideal for Trickle charging. Extend the life of your battery, engine starts first time.

Complete with weatherproof Regulator and fold up stand with alligator clips. Red and Black

A safety warning on the packet refers to using a regulator with the product. Please disregard this, this panel comes WITH a regulator and will protect your batteries against overcharging & discharging to the panel at night.

Aluminium frame

Tempered glass

Comes with Regulator

Lawnmowers, Tractors, Trucks, Boats, Earth moving Equipment. Any vehicle or engine that is left for months at a time without idling, keep it topped up for its next use. Protect the battery from discharge.

Regulators are a very important feature to have on a solar panel: 

As the name suggests they regulate the power going into your battery to an acceptable voltage level of around 13.8 V instead of the 17 to     21 V coming straight out of the solar panel. They also prevent overcharging of your battery and feedback which can occur when there is no sun.

30 Day money back Guarantee

1 Year Replacement Warranty

25 Year Power Warranty



Maximum Power                                      10W 
Open Circuit (Voc)                                   22.3V 
Short Circuit (lsc)                                    0.61A 
Maximum Power Voltage                         18V 
Maximum Power current(lmp)                 0.58A 
Working Temperature                             -45C to +85C
Cell Efficiency                                         16.2%
Number of Cells                                      36pcs
Tolerance                                               +-5% 
Dimensions                                             340x230x17mm
Weight                                                    1100g
Connection Lead Length                         5 meters
Connection Type     
                                                Alligator Clips  

For technical inquiries call Rod 0411 961 748 or email: chris@lowenergydevelopments.com.au

10 Watt 12V Solar Panel and 2 amp Regulator 5m cable

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