• 10 Watt 12V Solar Panel


10W 12V Mono Solar Panel 

The cutting edge of 

Clean Energy at an 
unbeatable price.

30 Day money back guarantee

Top One Solar Brand
12v, monocrystalline silicon
Aluminium frame
Tempered glass

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Maximum Power                                      10W
Open Circuit (Voc)                                   22.3V 

Short Circuit (lsc)                                    0.56A 

Maximum Power Voltage                         18V 

Maximum Power current(lmp)                 0.56A 

Working Temperature                             -45C to +85C 

Tolerance                                               +-5% 

Dimensions                                             340x230x17mm

Weight                                                    1100g

Connection Type                               Unterminated cable  


5 year replacement warranty.

 Please note: The appearance of these panels can change from order to order - this is because the manufacturers use offcuts from larger cells to make these small panel and this supply varies in shape and size. Adhesive tape is used in the manafacturing process and often small portions are left remaining. Please let us know if you need a specific pattern on the front and we can try and fits your needs.

This panel will be sent via AUSPOST 

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10 Watt 12V Solar Panel

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