• 200w Folding Panel - Pickup


200W Monocrystalline
Folding Solar Panel

Deluxe Version  

(Freight Surcharge Applies to : WA , NT , NTH QLD & Remote Regions of AU)
  If you are in the freight exclusion zone, please contact the store directly to arrange freight

 Ideal for camping!

Panels come with:

Deluxe vinyl carry bag

Strong tilt legs (frames, not single poles)

Water-proof regulator, 20 amp (absolutely essential). These are 3 stage series PWM charge controllers for maximum battery life. They fast charge all types of lead acid batteries - flooded cell, AGM and gel.

DC car adapter (cigarette lighter)

Anderson style connector (50 amp)

Alligator clips for battery terminals

Panels come fitted with two latches to hold panels together for transport; also heavy duty comfortable handle. Plastic corner protectors are fitted to protect the inside of your vehicle.


  • Maximum Power                                      200 Watt
  • Open Circuit (Voc)                                   22.8V
  • Short Circuit (lsc)                                    11.37A
  • Maximum Power Voltage (Vmp)             19V
  • Maximum Power current (lmp)                10.53A
  • Working Temperature                              -40C to +85C
  • Tolerance                                                 +-5%
  • Dimensions                                              1196 x 1080 x 35mm (1196mmx534mmx70mm folded)
  • Lead Length                                             5m (3.8m from regulator to Anderson connector, 1.2m from Anderson plug to tip of alligator clip). 

Mono Crystalline cells 18% cell efficiency 16% module efficiency

5 year replacement warranty for failure of cells  (does not apply to frame or regulator; this has 1 year warranty). All silicon cells have a 25 year power output warranty as this is the nature of silicon cell material. It is meant to illustrate the minimum lifetime of a mono crystalline solar cell (not thin film). Power output is expected to be 90% after 10 years and 80% after 25 years.

These folding solar panels are made to our specifications and are ideal for camping and other outdoor situations where portable, clean energy is needed. They are ruggedly built and are the only folding panel on the market to feature a waterproof regulator! (This is very important!) Other brands do not have waterproof regulators, so if it rains or you drop the panel in the creek you will be left in the middle of nowhere stranded without back up portable solar power. 

Our panels feature an Anderson type plug as standard (50 amp; to hook up to your caravan if it has one fitted). 


We MUST have a phone number & email supplied as we can not book the freight without them.

We can not ship this size panel to a P.O. Box address, please remember to supply a physical freight address in the eBay checkout process.

Pick up is available from our shop at  Preston, Melbourne, Monday to Friday 10-5pm. We are a totally 100% owned and operated Australian company. 

You are welcome to visit our shop. 

RV's, mobile homes, people on the road etc: you need to have a fixed street address - we suggest you nominate a local TNT freight depot or agent to have your panels shipped to, or a caravan park, hotel/motel, service station etc., especially for larger panels and bigger orders.

We must have a phone number & email supplied so the carrier can get in contact with you.

How to set your regulator to suit your battery type: 

Push the orange button to cycle between "Mode & Timer 1",  "Timer 2" and "Battery Type". 

To make changes, cycle through until the lamp is lit next to "Battery Type",  then push and hold the orange button until the number flashes.

Set the battery type to suit your style of battery by pressing the orange button.

"1" for a sealed lead acid battery                              "2" for a gel battery                "3" for a flooded battery (standard cheap automotive battery)


Panels are designed in Australia and made in China to the specifications of Low Energy Developments Pty. Ltd.

(Freight Surcharge Applies to : WA , NT , NTH QLD & Remote Regions of AU)
  If you are in the freight exclusion zone, please contact the store directly to arrange freight.

*Permission to leave is set by default, if this is not possible a re-delivery fee of $22 will apply to the sale. please call or email for more details.

*Any modification to panel, junction box or wiring will void warranty.

*A re-stocking fee of 20% is applicable on any returns

200w Folding Panel - Pickup

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