• 30a PWM Regulator with USB/LCD


Intelligent 3-Stage Charging
      Presets for 4 different battery type including lithium!
Option for custom battery setting

2x 5v 2a USB chargers

Reverse Polarity Protection For 
- Battery Connection
- PV Connection

     Protection Of:
- Unit Overheating.
- Input Over Current
- Load Over Current
- Load Short Circuit
- Battery Low Voltage
- Battery Over Charge

   Adjustable charging Voltage
      Temperature Compensation for Charging Voltage
Real Time Clock Function
     Various Control Modes For Load
    Statistical Data of Generated Energy and Consumed Energy

Product Overview:

The WP Series solar charge controller is a new series of intelligent, 
multi purpose solar charge controller. Its innovative
design makes it easy to install and more reliable to use. 
Optimized charging and discharging management enables the service life of 
batteries to be greatly increased. With the larger LCD screen & 
advanced display, you can monitor the operation of your system 
much more effectively than the predecessors to this style of Solar 
Charge Controller. Various control parameters can be flexibly set 
to fully meet any application requirements.


1 x WP30D Solar Charge Regulator
   Built in Thermoscope.
1 x WP30D Manual.


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30a PWM Regulator with USB/LCD

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