• 12a PWM Regulator

12A  12/24V 
Solar Regulator

 A quality regulator for 
an unbeatable price. 

12V or 24V auto-sense 12amp

Prevents battery from over-charging.

Prevents battery from over-discharging.

Prevents battery from supplying electricity to solar panels at night.

*Please note: this regulator cannot charge a 12V battery with a 24V panel, nor a 24V battery with a 12V panel. The nominal panel and battery voltages must match. (i.e. a 12V panel with a 12V battery, a 24V panel for a 24V battery)

Dimensions                                             95mm x 105 mm x 38mm

Weight                                                    135g

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This regulator we can ship to a  P.O. Box.  

12a PWM Regulator

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