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5kW Solar Kit !! 26 x 190W + 5kW Inverter

Price: $5,995.00
Brand:  Top One Solar
Product Code:  5KWKIT

Special! Solar Panels + Inverter Package!


26 x 190W Monocrystalline Solar Panels + 1x JFY 5kW 2 MPPT Suntwin Inverter (New)

Rebate Price

(Note: Rebate price does not effect our selling price, Rebate is claimed from the government once system is installed)

Current government rebates:Purchase before rebate drops July 1st


Zone 4: 88 STC Certificates @ $35 market STC Price  = $3080*

Zone 3: 103 STC Certificates @ $35 market STC Price = $3605*

Zone 2: 115 STC Certificates @ $35 market STC Price = $4025*

Zone 1: 121 STC certificates  @ $35 market STC Price = $4235*

*(Above rebates are calculated by the current market price for STC certificates as of 4/3/2013 ($31), multiplied by the number of certificates issued. The number of certificates issued depends on your postcode {see below}, the deeming period of your system and whether or not you have an existing system. The market price for STC certificates changes often, we recommend you check a STC trading company such as "Green Energy Trading" for the current STC price before making financial decisions. Please email us with your specific scenario if you are unsure. Low Energy Developments accepts no responsibility for miscalculated rebates.)


To find a CEC accredited installer, visit:


Panel details:

These panels are made in China to our specifications and imported by Low Energy Developments Pty Ltd to 544 High St Preston, Melbourne, Australia. We offer a 5 year replacement warranty, 10 year structural, 25 year power warranty - 90% after 10 years, 80% after 25 years. We have 45 years experience in Electronics & Renewable Energy. We also have a Research & Development centre in China where all products are tested and new products developed for Australia and other countries.

Please email us for a freight & packing quotes to remote areas and long distances from Melbourne.

Why are they so cheap? There are no middlemen. We have very low overheads. We order these and other solar panels, regulators and grid tie inverters by the container load and our aim is to sell them to the end user at the lowest price we can. We have in stock or on order panels from 5W to 250W.  CEC Approved 190W 24v panels are $219.00. 250W 24v $309.00. (Australian approved). Also 1.5kW $475, 2kW $575, 3kW $895, 5kW $1495,10kw$2695  We can also supply all individual cables, regulators and connectors. Installation can also be quoted on in Melbourne. We have a team of experienced solar electricians. Our motto is "one panel at a time". There is no reason renewable energy cannot be affordable for everyone.

Price breaks 1-9 $219  10-25 $209  25-99 $199  100-383 $180  384 (full container) $165. All prices include GST. If you find lower prices on Clean Energy Council approved 190W panels let us know! Prices change from container to container we also will quote for full containers on other size panels direct from factories.

Panel Information:

Module type                                         TN-72-5M190
Power Maximum Watts                       190W
Number of cells                                    72
Cell Dimensions (mm)                         125
Max System Voltage(V)                       1000
Voltage Maximum Under Load           37.10V
Current Maximum Under Load           5.11A
Voltage Maximum Open Circuit          45.30V
Current Maximum Open Circuit          5.36A

Maximum system voltage (V)              1000V
Temperature coefficients of Isc (%)    +0.1%/°C
Temperature coefficients of Voc (%)  -0.38%/°C
Temperature coefficients of Pm (%)   -0.47%/°C
Temperature coefficients of Im (%)     +0.1%/°C
Temperature coefficients of Vm (%)   -0.38%/°C
Temperature Range                             -40°C to 85°C
Surface Maximum Load Capacity      60m/s(200kg/sq.m)
Junction Box Type                               Waterproof, TUV Certificated
Connectors and Cable Types             4mm²
Length of Cables (mm)                       900
Cell Efficiency (%)                               >17%
Output Tolerance (%)                          ± 3%
Frame (material, Corners, etc.)          Anodized Aluminum Alloy
Standard Test Conditions                  Am1.5 100MW/cm² 25°C
FF (%)                                                   ≥ 73.3%


1585mm x 807mm x 35mm ( or 40 or 50mm)


Frame is aluminium with tempered glass (glass thickness 3.2mm). Hail resistant but not unbreakable.


Inverter details:

Model name                                  JSI-5000TL  JFY manufacturer website
Output power                                5000W

Input Data (DC side):
Maximum DC power                     5300W
Maximum DC voltage                   550Vdc
MPPT operating range                  100~450Vdc
Number of parallel inputs             3
Number of MPPT trackers            1
Max. input current (total)              25A

Output Data (AC side):
Nominal output power                   4600W
Maximum output power                5000W
Nominal output current                  20A
Maximum output current               23.8A
Nominal AC voltage                        230Vac
AC voltage range*                           190~265Vac
Nominal AC grid frequency            50Hz
AC grid frequency range*               50 ±5 Hz
Power factor(cos φ)                        >0.99
Harmonic distortion(THDI)             <3%(at nominal output power)

Max. efficiency                                >97.6%
Euro efficiency                                >97%
MPPT efficiency                              >99.6%

Genaral data:
Dimensions (W / D / H)                    345*162*573 mm
Net weight                                        17kg
Operating temperature range        –25 °C ~ +60 °C
Noise emission (typical)                 ≤ 25 dB(A)
Power consumption at night         0W
Electrical isolation                          Transformer-less
Cooling concept                              Natural cooling
IP Code                                            IP65
Communication                              RS-485/RS-232

* AC grid voltage range and frequency range depend on local standards.

Standards and codes:
JSI inverters comply with standards set for grid-tied operation,
safety and electromagnetic compatibility including:
VDE0126-1-1, DK5940, AS4777, IEC 62109-1,IEC62109-2,
EN50178, EN61000, CE certification.


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